After having a seizure in front of my family last week, it was discovered that I have epilepsy. I thought I just had dizzy spells.

I went to the ER afterward and got an IV of an anti-epileptic med called Dilantin. I have very narrow and superficial veins so getting an IV is always an adventure. After they gave up on my arms, a doctor tried to put an IV in my neck and failed TWICE. Finally a different doctor came in and used an ultrasound to put an IV in my arm close to the bone. It went well even though I accidentally looked at the 5-6 inch needle, which freaked me out.

The Dilantin was started and I lost my mind. No one warned me or my husband that I would hallucinate. I started hearing metallic bugs swarming around my ears. The stripey curtain began to irritate me and due to the flashes in my vision, I only saw my husband’s skull when I dared to look his way. I knew I was hallucinating the sounds and visions so I really found the experience to be somewhat enjoyable. It was only nerve-wracking for my husband.

After a few hours I was released. I spent the rest of this week adjusting to the meds and having more seizures. It sucks. I feel slow and stupid after my seizures. I am confused before them. I can’t drive until I’m 6 months seizure free. It is uncertain whether or not I will be able to continue my job as a 2nd grade teacher in August.



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